About and Contacts

Minsters and Magistrates will be at the Buryanek campground on the western shore of the Missouri River. Lewis and Clark camped here in 1804 on their voyage of discovery. You will discover plenty of room to fight, do A&S and sit with friends. The campsites are right on the beach so you can swim or bring a boat and explore the river. You can stay in the primitive areas or get a site just a short walk away with electrical hookups.


Event Stewart overall contact, martial activities coordination: Maestro Julio Galva’n (James Kruse), PO Box 453, White River SD 57579 constablejulio@yahoo.com 605-940-5208 (cell)

A&S activities & Royalty liaison: ban Ollamh Orlaith ballach inghean Fhlain (Rita Nauman) at orlaithballach@yahoo.com

Food plan, Advertisement: Baroness Sean Morgan Aldheorte na Cettle Well (Sean Kittrell) at aldheorte2000@yahoo.com,

Park liaison, web minister: Ealdred of Malmesbury (Dawson Lewis) at Ealdredsca@aol.com


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