Rather than do the traditional A&S classes, we are going to do things a little differently. The A&S area will be near the list fields so people can watch the fighting while they work on projects. Instead of classes that start and end at fixed times, there will be A&S areas devoted to various arts that you wander between.

Any A&S craft is welcome. If you don’t see your art listed then contact us and we will make sure there is space set aside for you. You don’t have to be a teacher or lead a class. Just work on what you love.

If you want to start a new area please contact ban Ollamh Orlaith ballach inghean Fhlain (Rita Nauman) at orlaithballach@yahoo.com or Ealdred of Malmesbury (Dawson Lewis) at EaldredSCA@aol.com.

Led by Orlaith fabric dying will take center stage here but it is open to anyone who wants to spin, weave or do any other fabric work.

Pewter Casting/Coining/Metalish stuff
Ealdred will have materials on hand to let members of the populace make molds and cast their own pewter medallion. In addition he will demonstrate die making and coin striking. Those who want can learn how to make a coin die. Any and all types of metal working is welcome.


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